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Provide leadership and services to local school boards for the benefit of students and for the advocacy of public education.

Board Member leadership for excellence in Idaho public education.

The Standards of the Idaho School Boards Association

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Can an agenda be amended during a board meeting to schedule an executive session?

There is nothing specifically prohibiting amending an agenda to add an executive session. This is no different than amending an agenda to add any new item. We do however,recommend being overly cautious about adding executive sessions during a meeting as contiuents may be more likely to be suspicious of additions. We also strongly suggest districts strictly follow Section 67-2343, Idaho Code regarding any amendment. Try to amended posted agendas as soon as possible, rather than just amending at the meeting.

Idaho students have chance to participate in NASA program!

Idaho students participating in online education program could qualify for a weeklong, all-expenses-paid, residential Summer Academy at Boise State University and NASA Ames Research Center in California. Read more...

What's the difference between elected officials and trustees?

On being a trustee;