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Mission, Vision, & Standards

Provide leadership and services to local school boards for the benefit of students and for the advocacy of public education.

Board Member leadership for excellence in Idaho public education.

The Standards of the Idaho School Boards Association

Board Development & Training

The Idaho School Boards Association strives to provide school board members with the information, training and support needed to serve their district. Developing highly trained and effective board/superintendent teams will help to positively affect student achievement and education.

Meet Our Board Training Staff

ISBA trainings include School Board Governance, Leadership for Student Achievement, Education Law, Human Resources, Finance & Board's Oversight Role, and Collective Bargaining. Customized training can be created for individual board needs.

Big News for Board Training

This past legislative session, the Legislature appropriated $4,000 per school district or charter school to be used specifically for board, superintendent, and charter school administrator training. ISBA has created four discounted training packages to help you receive the best training value for the appropriated $4,000. Please select your training package by August 1st, 2015, which is FREE after the State reimbursement! Learn More

ISBA Training Services

Types of Training

Regular Training Modules

Training Events

Annual Convention
Summer Leadership Institute
Region Meetings

Additional Training Resources

So You Want To Be A School Board Member
New Board Member Packet
Board of Trustees Self Assessment
Code of Ethics for School Board Members

ISBA Master of Boardsmanship Program

In an effort to recognize board members committed to their own continued leadership education, we developed the ISBA Master of Boardsmanship Program. The program offers two distinct awards:

Board Member Award of Boardsmanship: Individual board members can earn the Board Member Award of Boardsmanship by reaching one of four levels of recognition; Achievement, Excellence, Mastery, and Distinction. This award recognizes excellence among Idaho School Board Members by awarding those who acquire points for attending approved trainings. Award Application

Master of Boardsmanship Award: With the participation of two-thirds or more of board members, the board can earn the Master of Boardsmanship Award, by meeting the minimum criteria outlined for the five Standards of Boardsmanship. Award Application

Both awards are outlined in this ISBA Master of Boardsmanship Award Program PDF brochure.

Additional Resources (PDFs)

Schedule a Board Training

To schedule a training, please contact the ISBA Office.
Phone: (208) 854-1476