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Mission, Vision, & Standards

Provide leadership and services to local school boards for the benefit of students and for the advocacy of public education.

Board Member leadership for excellence in Idaho public education.

The Standards of the Idaho School Boards Association

ISBA Scholarship

2017 ISBA Scholarship Application

To access the 2017 ISBA Scholarship Application & Guidelines... Click Here.

2016 ISBA Scholarship Recipients

Each year at the ISBA Annual Convention, the Idaho School Boards Association Scholarship Trust hosts the Scholarship Auction. Individuals from around the State donate items to be auctioned off. The proceeds are awarded as scholarships, to the children and grandchildren of current or former Idaho school board members. Over $115,000 has been awarded in the past 13 years.

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Recipient Region Board Member Relationship
Lauren Alfrey 2 Patricia Alfrey Parent
Taylor Anthony 4 Nick Sabala Grandparent
* Andrea Carlquist 4 Katie Carlquist Parent
Roni Crone 4 Teri Crone Parent
Abby Davis 1 Tom Foust Grandparent
Raelyn Davis 2 Jason Davis Parent
Madison Fisher 3 Dwayne Fisher Parent
Katelynn Haight 2 Mere Jo Haight Parent
Kestrel Hulet 5 Marjanna Hulet Parent
Karen Lake 5 Brian Stanton Grandparent
Kailee Laub 3 Melvin Nielsen Grandparent
Colton Merges 3 Douglas Merges Parent
Kristin Nesbitt 3 Martha Oberle Grandparent
Katelynn Palmer 5 Brooke Palmer Parent
Nicholas Petitmermet 8 Nick Petitmermet Parent
Shelby Stoor 5 James Stoor Parent
* Molly Vitale-Sullivan 5 Paul Vitale Grandparent
Kade Wagers 3 Dave Wagers Parent
Wyatt Williams 4 Kathleen Goicoechea Grandparent

Memorial Scholarships:
* Smith Family Memorial Scholarship - Molly Vitale-Sullivan, granddaughter of Paul Vitale
* Comstock Memorial Scholarship - Andrea Carlquist, daughter of Katie Carlquist