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Mission, Vision, & Standards

Provide leadership and services to local school boards for the benefit of students and for the advocacy of public education.

Board Member leadership for excellence in Idaho public education.

The Standards of the Idaho School Boards Association

Graduation Rates Increasing

Nationwide, 73.4 percent of all public school students graduated from high school with a regular diploma in the class of 2009, marking the second straight year of gains following a period of modest declines. The national graduation rate rose by 1.7 percentage points above the rate for the class of 2008, with rates also increasing in three-quarters of the states. This continued climb in the graduation rate is driven largely by strong gains among Latinos and moderate improvements for African-American and white students, which offset small decreases for other groups.

Donnelly Elementary School Teacher Garners White House Praise for Excellence

(Boise, ID- June 6, 2012, Courtesy EPA Region 10) Deirdre Bingaman, a Donnelly Elementary School teacher, has been selected as one of 18 teachers nationwide to receive the President’s Innovation Award for Environmental Educators. Ms. Bingaman was selected for “her demonstrated excellence in focusing her class on environmental education projects that reflected real-life community challenges and creating a powerful connection between her students and the natural world.”

Idaho Digital Learning Wins Blackboard Catalyst Award

Courtesy of Idaho Digital Learning

Boise – Idaho Digital Learning was named a winner of the Blackboard Catalyst Award for Staff Development, which honors those members of the community who use Blackboard solutions to create, support and enhance faculty and staff development skills, providing a better organization-wide learning experience.